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    pSkills is a two-years project co-funded by the European Commission under the Life Long Learning Programme, Comenius Sub-programme.

    The aim of the project is to enable computer science teachers in secondary education exploit modern educational programming languages in the context of student-centered pedagogical settings in order to contribute to making their courses effective, creative and attractive. This is possible through the application of identified pSkills learning scenarios.

    pSkills supports in-service training of the members of its Affiliate Network  through the  Multimedia Open Learning Environment (MOLE). MOLE integrates advanced course management services, rich communication spaces and a repository of learning resources that is constantly beign enriched as the project evolves.

    To join our Affiliate Network, please register (it is free) first and then follow the instructions given here.

    Find more about the outcomes of the project here.



    Note for first-time users 

    This site uses an open source wiki platform to promote collaboration among members of the pSkills consortium and  Affiliate Network.

    Visit our training Portalto acess pSkills training materials and learning scenarios.


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